Ho Yuen’s Signature Dishes

Treat your guests with the most popular dish at Ho Yuen at your next event! These bite-sized beef tenderloin cubes are savory and caramelized on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. The beef is packed with flavour with a rich, mildly spicy black pepper sauce and garnished with crispy fried potato wedges.

Diced Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce with Crispy Potatoes

Our all-time favourite Chicken Wings! Made from original recipes conceived for the Hong Kong Food Truck Pilot Scheme, these crispy and juicy wings are fun and easy to eat! Our delicious homemade marinades make these crispy wings a big hit among your guests at any party. Order them in every flavour for your next event!

Signature Single-Boned Chicken Wings


Welcome to Ho Yuen, where we share local Hong Kong delicacies from our family to yours. We embody the Lion Rock spirit by cooking with the freshest ingredients and homemade recipes, and by serving our customers with warmth and dedication.

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    • I am so glad that I live in Lion’s Rise! All day, every day, I can visit my second home at Ho Yuen. Every meal is delicious; breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and I love the late evening snacks! Friendly service and great food makes Ho Yuen my favourite place to eat.

    • The Lamp Pot and Pot Rice at Ho Yuen is exceptional! I enjoyed mine in the outdoor dining area, which was a real treat.

      Mr. Lam
    • Ho Yuen’s Single-Boned Chicken Wings are very yummy! When you bite into it, the crispy skin makes a loud crunch! And the meat inside is smooth and juicy. It’s the best ever!

    • This place is really great! The food is excellent and the service is exceptionally friendly. I will eat here again.

      Mr. King
    • Salted egg flavour chicken wings are now my favourite food! I have never had anything tastier in my entire life. The wings are delicious and juicy. Absolutely amazing!

    • I suggested that my friend use Ho Yuen Express to cater her event. The service was prompt and friendly. My friend was thrilled with the delicious food and her guests were really impressed. In fact, the Ho Yuen boss oversaw the whole operation, from taking order, to instant WhatsApp follow-up service, even to delivery! Now that’s rare!

    • I have eaten from the old Ho Yuen, the food truck and now Ho Yuen Restaurant. I am impressed by the owner’s innovative business ideas, especially when it means I get to eat their wings and Lemon Iced Tea BB. Keep up the good work Ho Yuen team!